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19th EAEEIE Annual Conference

Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia
June 29 - July 2, 2008

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Social Program

Welcome Reception
Sunday, June 29

The EAEEIE 2008 Conference reception will be held on Sunday, June 29th, in Tallinn Town Hall
. Tallinn Town Hall is the only surviving Gothic town hall in Northern Europe.  Built in the heart of Tallinn, next to a marketplace, the Town Hall has witnessed trade and social activities for over 700 years. It has still remained the most important representational building in town.

The reception starts at 18:00 and lasts approx 2 hours.

An overview map of the Old Town area can be downloaded here.

Social Event
Tuesday, July 1

The Social Event and the Conference Dinner will take place on Tuesday, July 01. We will start with a trip to the Estonian Open Air Museum where you can join a guided tour. Estonian Open Air Museum gives you a complete picture of a true Estonian village and countryside. The museum is situated close to the city, in a beautiful seaside forest park at Rocca al Mare. During our visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum you will have an opportunity to take part of a real Estonian Party and have a little snack and drink while enjoying traditional folk music and dancing. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy a ride in a horse carriage.

After the visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum, you will be taken back to the city. The Conference Dinner will be held in medieval restaurant Olde Hansa situated in the Old Town, not far from the Town Hall Square.

"Olde Hansa was established to honour the Hanseatic League and our forefathers and foremothers. We have dedicated ourselves to this task in order to take you on a journey to Tallinns golden age.

Olde Hansa is the home of a rich merchant. His house is built in so to increase the enjoyment of the happy moments in the life of a Hanseatic merchant. Not just for eating delicious food and savoring good drinks, but also for the enjoyment of good music and the homely warmth of the Hanseatic times."

Tour to
Tallinn University of Technology
Thursday, July 3

On Thursday, July 3 you have an opportunity to visit the campus of Tallinn University of Technology, located ca 10 km. from the city centre. You will be welcomed by the staff of the international relations office and have a small tour in the campus. The tour takes ca 3 hours (incl. bus shuttle) and is free of charge. However, you are kindly asked to indicate your interest on the registration form.

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